Finding The Right Counsellor

Finding The Right Counsellor

It is very important to find the right counsellor for you. Not only have you been brave enough to decide you may need someone to talk to, you now need to have courage in finding the right counsellor for YOU.

Here are four signs that might help you make this big decision when looking for a counsellor to work through your issues.

1. Safety First

Find a counsellor that you feel safe enough with to talk through your feelings honestly. You may disclose things you have never spoken about before and you need to have a counsellor you trust. Often, just being able to share things out-loud can reduce the powerful hold these thoughts may have had on you.

2. Feel Listened To and Heard

Your counsellor should make you feel as if they’re truly listening to you, without judgement or criticism. A professional counsellor should have empathy and be able to ‘walk alongside you’ in your journey, however painful. Being listened to and heard can make a lot of difference to you resolving issues and understanding yourself better.

Finding The Right Counsellor

3. Finding Yourself

Your worries may be based on childhood issues that are causing behaviours today, relationships or current life events. Your counsellor should help you find understanding, empowerment and strategies to help you cope or resolve these issues. You are finding yourself on a better pathway to a more fulfilled life; make sure your counsellor can keep up with you!

4. Instinct

Sometimes finding the right counsellor may be based on your ‘instinct’. Getting a ‘sense’ that a counsellor is right for you. This may be from a website, written descriptions, photograph or telephone call. Ask yourself if you feel safe talking to them and would you be able to speak freely and honestly? Will they be non-judgemental when I am disclosing my worries to them?  Will I trust they are helping me empower myself and ‘arm’ me with strategies to cope with my issues?

Finding The Right Counsellor

A good counsellor should inspire you and the work you’re doing, leaving you feeling hopeful and confident in going forward. It is expected that counselling can sometimes feel painful, as you may be discussing difficult issues. Counselling is a process and journey, not a quick fix, so you need to make sure you are confident and happy with your choice of counsellor.

P.S: Don’t forget to check they are a member of a professional body, such as BACP or NCS, which means they are working to certain standards. They should also hold a relevant professional qualification.